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On what grounds can one file for divorce in Massachusetts?

Many events can lead to a Massachusetts couple deciding to end their marriage. Sometimes a couple finds they are constantly having heated arguments about many different topics, while other times a couple finds they simply have grown apart over the years or no longer share the same life goals. Regardless of what lead to the decision to divorce, one of the first steps to take is to file for divorce. And, in that filing the spouse seeking divorce will need to indicate on what grounds they are seeking divorce.

Can I keep my divorce out of the public record?

We live in an information age. It is easier than ever to get hold of records on people. All you have to do is conduct an online search and volumes of data can be revealed. Laws protecting privacy vary state by state. In Massachusetts, the presumption is that every government record is public. As such, when a couple divorces, the default is that the public can access those records.

How to strengthen relationships with children when you are the non-custodial parent

If you have been through a divorce and you have children, ending up as the non-custodial parent may make it extremely difficult to maintain the relationships you have with your kids. Whether your divorce was amicable or full of tension, the reality is that your kids now live in another home for a good portion of the time, and you may need to make an extra effort to maintain a relationship with them.

Successfully manage your finances during and after a divorce

A divorce can severely impact your finances in many ways, both immediately and after the final court decree. In particular, the complexities of property division have the potential to take a toll, as do support matters and simply the cost of getting divorced.

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