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Check out the HOA before buying your dream home

You found the perfect Massachusetts home for you and your family, and all of you are dreaming about what life will be like once you move in. The price is right, the financing is available. What more do you need before you sign the final papers? You need to check out the homeowners association

What Massachusetts considers when awarding alimony

If you are divorcing in Massachusetts and either plan to request alimony or believe that your spouse is going to do so, you may have questions about how the courts determine whether to award spousal support and how they decide on the amounts and length of time one spouse must pay it.

Tips for people who work from home

There are many great reasons for people to work from home. In fact, while some must work from home out of necessity, quite a few gladly choose this option. After all, you can save on office rentals as well as gas costs and other commuting costs.

How to know when it is time to change your business structure

When you started your Massachusetts business, the first thing you decided was what type of business structure you wanted. Each kind of business structure has its own pros and cons, and you chose the one that best fit your needs at the time. Now you are several years down the road, and your business is bigger, better and more profitable than it was when it began. Is it time to change your business structure

Buying a foreclosed home? Consider these potential problems first

You might have developed a passion for renovating and flipping a fixer-upper, or the foreclosed home you are considering is the home you have always dreamed of living in. The price might also be a dream come true, as foreclosed properties are often sold at a fraction of what you would usually pay. However, before you put down an offer on that bank-owned home you are considering, you need to understand the unique issues you can encounter when buying a foreclosed home in Massachusetts.

Potential lawsuits for small businesses

Building a startup takes intense research, preparation and fine-tuning. However, your work is not complete once your business is up and running successfully. Of course, there will always be continual improvements to make in all areas, but your real worry is litigation.

How to protect your business now from a future divorce

Whether you are single, happily married or in a rocky relationship, the time is now to protect your business assets from a future divorce. Planning now can actually help your relationship, as you have already taken care of a major financial concern. You can put more focus on protecting your marriage knowing you have already protected your business.

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