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Buying a foreclosed home? Consider these potential problems first

You might have developed a passion for renovating and flipping a fixer-upper, or the foreclosed home you are considering is the home you have always dreamed of living in. The price might also be a dream come true, as foreclosed properties are often sold at a fraction of what you would usually pay. However, before you put down an offer on that bank-owned home you are considering, you need to understand the unique issues you can encounter when buying a foreclosed home in Massachusetts.

Potential lawsuits for small businesses

Building a startup takes intense research, preparation and fine-tuning. However, your work is not complete once your business is up and running successfully. Of course, there will always be continual improvements to make in all areas, but your real worry is litigation.

How to protect your business now from a future divorce

Whether you are single, happily married or in a rocky relationship, the time is now to protect your business assets from a future divorce. Planning now can actually help your relationship, as you have already taken care of a major financial concern. You can put more focus on protecting your marriage knowing you have already protected your business.

Is it the end of the world after going bankrupt?

After going through a personal bankruptcy, it is understandable that you would be worried about your financial future. Will your credit ever recover? Fortunately, you and other Massachusetts residents can rest assured that although it is stressful, a bankruptcy does not necessarily carry the bad rap that many people seem to think.

3 tips for divorce-proofing your company

When you start a business, you have hopes of it succeeding. The same goes for a marriage. Unfortunately, some companies and marital unions are not forever. But just because one ends does not mean the other one does. If your relationship with your spouse goes south, you should be able to keep your business intact.

3 options for resolving business disputes

Going into business with someone else can be exciting and rewarding. Running a company with a close friend or like-minded business partner can be more fun and dynamic than doing it on your own. However, disagreements do arise, no matter how well you work together. A business dispute can quickly become bitter and costly. 

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