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Could my car accident injury be attributed to other's negligence?

Most people on the road have seen those distracted drivers, the reckless drivers - the ones who swerve in and out of lanes, stopping in the nick of time and otherwise putting themselves and others on the road in danger. Most of us go out of our way to avoid these drivers. However, we can't always get out of the way and sometimes, are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. What this can result in is a car accident injury for yourself or a loved one.

Texting and driving is dangerous and leads to crashes

Sometimes it may seem that drivers in Massachusetts can simply go into auto-drive while driving there vehicles. However, even in situations where it seems there are no dangers, unexpected things can occur. People cannot control the other people on the roads and sometimes their behavior is unpredictable. That is why it is so important for people to pay attention to the roads and their surroundings at all times while driving to avoid car accidents.

Alleged drunk driver runs pickup into store, injuring worker

One of the most dangerous kinds of motor vehicle accidents in Quincy and across Massachusetts is the type where a vehicle crashes into a building or a business. When people are out on the road in any capacity, whether it is driving, riding a bicycle, or as a pedestrian, they will have it in the back of their mind that a crash is possible and that they should be alert. Those who are inside a structure, though, likely don't think that a vehicle will come crashing into the building. When a vehicle does collide with a building, those who are inside can suffer serious and even fatal injuries. Even if the injuries do not appear serious at the outset, there can still be long-term damage.

Criminal charges filed in Quincy pedestrian accident case

When a negligent driver injures another Quincy resident, there are two different ways in which that driver may be held accountable for his or her actions. Criminal charges play an important role, but they do not solve all the problems related to an accident.

Truck driver charged in child's death

When companies send their employees out driving for work on the roads in Quincy or anywhere else in Massachusetts, they are taking on the responsibility for any negligent acts committed while those employees are driving for work. In some cases, this may include liability for injuries or even fatalities when car accidents result from employee negligence behind the wheel.

Car accident injuries can be significant and diverse

After a car accident it can be hard to know just how hurt a victim really is. It is not uncommon for their body to experience shock and, in some cases, a Massachusetts car accident victim may not be aware of an injury until hours or even days after their crash occurred. Because of this it is important that vehicle collision victims seek medical treatment immediately after experiencing a crash.

Alcohol may have played a role in wrong-way car accident

Many people in Massachusetts partake in an alcoholic drink from time to time. They may be celebrating a special occasion, they may be enjoying a night out with friends or they may simply be relaxing at home. However, when one drink becomes two or three or more, people can behave irresponsibly. One of the most dangerous things they can do if they are drunk is get behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, one person recently did just that, with catastrophic results.

Popular teacher dies after being struck by a car while bicycling

Although autumn has arrived, there are still those in Massachusetts who will take advantage of the last few snow-free months to ride their bicycles. Bicycling can be an effective mode of transportation that is healthy, environmentally friendly and, for some, just plain fun. However, motorists need to be aware that bicyclists have the same rights to share the road as they do, and they need to make sure they are aware of bicyclists in their vicinity while driving. The failure to do so could lead to a tragic car accident.

Statistics about distracted driving are alarming

We all know that kids these days seem to have their smartphone or tablet attached to their hands. No matter where we go, we see them firmly focused on them, often not paying attention to where they are walking or even people who are trying to talk to them. While we have seen an occasional viral video of someone tripping while messing with their smartphone, it seldom ever leads to anything more serious than embarrassment and a bruised ego. But when the driver of a car is focused on their smartphone, things could get serious.

Car accident involving pedestrian leads to fatality

Drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians all must share the road in Quincy and throughout Massachusetts to ensure that everyone remains safe. Obeying the traffic laws and being visible and vigilant is a sound way to avoid car accidents. However, accidents can sometimes happen regardless. When there is a crash between a person in a vehicle and someone who is not, there can be terrible results with major injuries and death. Knowing what to do in the aftermath is vital.

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