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Even college students should have an estate plan

Massachusetts is one of the most popular states in the U.S. for higher education. There are many schools and universities that attract people from inside and outside the state. With that, there will be various considerations that these students should think about for the present and future.

Planning for Retirement, Social Security and Medicare

When families are gathered around the living room spending time with an elderly loved one, the topic of estate planning may sometimes arise. However, it is most often discussed involving the distribution of assets and family heirlooms. Many families fail to consider estate planning when it pertains to matters such as retirement, Social Security, and Medicare. These issues matter greatly, often having much more impact than expected on an estate once a loved one passes away.

Four differing types of power of attorney

There are sometimes circumstances that arise in life during which people is, unfortunately, unable to make important decisions for themselves. It is during these times that a document called a "power of attorney" could come into play. This document allows a designated agent to legally make decisions for another person. While many people may have heard of a power of attorney, most do not realize that there are several different types, each serving its own specific purpose.

Strategies for avoiding probate

In Massachusetts, the term "probate" refers to the process of transferring property after a person has died. This legal process is overseen by a Family and Probate Court, and generally must be completed within three years of the death. However, not all types of property must go through probate.

How can I plan for the possibility of disability?

While wills are oriented around preparing for what will happen after you pass away, other elements of estate planning can go into effect during your lifetime. A good estate plan takes into account the possibility you may become disabled due to illness or injury.

Handwritten wills shake up estate of Aretha Franklin

Massachusetts law requires a will to follow strict rules of formality. One of the most essential requirements is that it be signed in the presence of witnesses. The witnesses can attest to the fact the signature was valid and that the person creating the will appeared to be of sound mind and not improperly pressured or influenced by others.

Consider your business during the estate planning process

So much goes into the creation and development of a business. In a way, it is much like raising a child, as it takes similar input, thought, dedication, and sacrifice. So that's why it's not much of a stretch to think about your business during the estate planning process. Thinking about your business's future while you think about your family's future seems like a no-brainer.

Estate plan for the future of your family, your business

Planning for the future can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, for anyone who has thought ahead, they know that they can reap the benefits later on. When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your family and of your business, there is nothing that you wouldn't do to ensure a smooth future for all involved. That's where estate planning comes in.

Proper estate plan can successfully plan for business

Planning for the future is something that many think about upon the turn of the New Year. Whatever your goals are for the New Year, and the future in general, an estate plan should be one of them. Estate planning can accomplish many goals that you may not necessarily be aware that it can accomplish. If you are business owner, an estate plan may be necessary in case something were to happen that would make you unavailable to run or make decisions for your business.

Surviving spouses: revisit estate plan for your new normal

After a spouse's death, there is usually much attention paid to their estate and distributing their assets accordingly. However, when an individual loses a spouse, one needs to assess their financial needs moving forward, as there likely will be many changes. While a surviving spouse may have been left assets through their deceased loved one's estate plan, they usually have to adjust to going down to a single income.

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