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A Full-Service Law Firm
Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, Levin and Levin, LLP was established in 1933 as a full-service law firm committed to providing clients throughout the South Shore with the highest level of legal representation available.

Business Litigation Lawyers In Quincy

When your business or corporation is facing a legal dispute that could turn into litigation, you need a law firm that is committed to providing the most efficient and effective legal representation possible while also understanding your business interests.

At Levin and Levin, LLP, a critical component of our legal practice is business and commercial litigation. Just as importantly, our business litigation lawyers use their skills and experience to prevent small disputes from evolving into heated legal conflicts that waste your time and resources.

Business, Commercial and Corporate Litigation And Alternative Dispute Resolution

While we are seasoned trial attorneys, we are aware that litigation is costly and time-consuming. We will first seek effective resolutions that may include alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Our goal is always to focus on safeguarding your interests, minimizing your risks and maximizing your chances to succeed in any dispute.


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Business litigation issues can include:

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