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Selecting the right business formation is key to success

So, you've made the decisions to create a business. Maybe this is your first time in this position, or maybe you've started other businesses before. Either way, each new business has a starting point. Early on in the process, you'll want to decide on a business formation plan.

The right business formation plan can make or break a new business. Each new business type has different goals and will serve different parties and ends. Business formation plans are important for tax purposes, depending on the business scope, various business formation plans could help alleviate tax obligations of the business. If, early in the process, you choose the wrong type, or fail to fill out the necessary paperwork, you may find your business and even your personal assets at risk from tax penalties and/or business litigation. Quincy business owners would be doing their business a disservice by failing to choose the optimal business formation plan.

Avoiding personal injuries during the holidays

Now that last few weeks of the year are here, the last thing on anyone’s mind in Quincy is spending them in the hospital or at home recovering or in the morgue. With the winter weather and holiday season in full swing, the chances for slip-and-fall accidents increase.

It does not take much for accidents to happen. While it is impossible to control everything, common sense and preventative actions can reduce the number of falls that occur and lessen the severity of trauma in unavoidable accidents. The following tactics make accidents far less likely to happen:

  • Wear supportive and slip-resistant shoes: The end of the year brings harsh weather conditions and an increase in slippery conditions.
  • Anticipate hazardous conditions: Every environment has potential issues that can lead to accidents and injuries. Identify possible accident-causing situations and avoid them.
  • Avoid horseplay or inappropriate behavior: In certain environments, horseplay could have harmful consequences. Many property owners have rules in place to curb unsafe behavior. It is up to the public to exercise proper judgment and to act accordingly to keep them and others safe.

Building permits boom in Quincy as do rising rents

Many would call the commercial real estate boom in Quincy part of a larger transformation. A city some would have called run-down is now seeing the landscape of the city change with an influx of investor money and real estate projects in recent years. A hotel, mall and mostly, commercial residential real estate projects make up the changes. However, many claim that the projects and, specifically, the residential real estate additions are making rent unaffordable for many.

While commercial real estate projects can be beneficial for a city, it can also be harmful if the cost of rent gets too high. According to statistics, 60% of residents in Quincy come from low-income households. However, based on state regulations, 10% of the 2500 new residential units outlined for low-income households will likely not be enough to house those low-income families. Others have been on waiting lists for subsidized houses for months or years.

Could alimony be awarded in my divorce settlement?

Everyone's marriage is different, but the truth is that a large percentage of them end in divorce. Since everyone has a different story and situation, this could be due to a variety of reasons. However, all will have to follow the state laws of divorce and some negotiation may need to happen between divorcing spouses in order to come to a resolution. One topic that many divorcing spouses have questions about is alimony.

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a component of some (not all) divorces. Alimony is a financial support paid by one ex-spouse to the other, in specific situations in which divorce leaves a financial situation unbalanced for one spouse. Oftentimes, one spouse will sacrifice personal success and career success in lieu of raising a family or rearing the home. This leaves the spouse with less personal and career success in a financially tougher situation and oftentimes, alimony is awarded to help balance the inequalities between the divorcing spouses.

Is your will vulnerable to challenges

If you have invested the time and effort to come up with an estate plan, you are doing better than the many people who keep putting off the task. However, it is also important to review your plan and consider whether any parts of it could use some fine-tuning.

When a will appears to comply with legal requirements for validity, courts typically do not dig further unless someone challenges the will. Whether technical defects actually exist, a challenge is more likely to arise when an interested party is unhappy with the will's content.

Signing a lease for commercial property in Quincy

Business owners and managers often shoulder the responsibility of ensuring everyday business needs are met. For many businesses, having a physical space to conduct operations or house their employees is necessary to conduct business. A business can either rent commercial real estate or purchase property. For those that rent, the business will likely need to agree to a lease with the landlord.

Just like in residential real estate leases, the lessee or tenant is required to oblige to stipulations as set by the landlord. Rent amounts, due by the month, specification about conducting business and other clauses will show up in a lease agreement. To break a lease earlier than the set term would require a breaking of that contract, which can result in consequences.

Does your business require debt relief?

Running a business is not easy, as many business owners already know. Whether the business is large or small, there are challenges that every business owner will face while trying to navigate their industry to be a profitable and successful business. A business can face specific cash flow challenges as a new business while they are getting off the ground. However, established businesses can suffer hardship as well.

Financial strain can cause a business to rack up debts that are detrimental to the business. Debt is part of any healthy business, but too much can make it hard to make ends meet or to end up in the black in terms of revenue at the end of the year. How do you understand or know what healthy debt is and if it's detrimental or not to your business? If you are paying high interest rates on debt or if your payments are becoming hard to make, these are signs of too high debt to income ratio of a business.

Proposed commercial site in Quincy under fire

All cities have zoning for residential and commercial projects. Occasionally, the two bump against each other and can cause conflict. A new commercial property has is attempting to be zoned near residential properties in Quincy and there are heated opinions on both sides. While both sides have valid points, only one party will get their way in terms of the proposed large scale commercial real estate project.

The property in contention is on Whitwell street. While the proposed project is currently needing to pass the city planning stage, there is resistance from residential neighbors in the area. Some neighbors will even be within 25 feet on the commercial property. The height on the commercial property is also a point of concern as it would tower over its one- and two-story neighbors. Expected increased traffic and activity in the area is also a concern.

Could you be the victim of a devastating rollover accident?

A rollover is one of the most frightening and potentially deadly types of vehicle crashes that can ever happen to you. However, the more you know about such accidents, the more prepared you will be to avoid a rollover catastrophe.

If there is a perfect storm of circumstances, any kind of vehicle can roll over. Longer, narrower vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans and SUVs are most at risk, however, because their center of gravity is higher than those of standard passenger cars. Large trucks are prone to rollovers for the same reason, especially big rigs with overloaded cargo that creates an imbalance and driver-control difficulties. Lateral forces come into play when a vehicle rounds a sharp curve with too much speed, and a rollover can result, often with severe personal injuries.

Texting and driving is dangerous and leads to crashes

Sometimes it may seem that drivers in Massachusetts can simply go into auto-drive while driving there vehicles. However, even in situations where it seems there are no dangers, unexpected things can occur. People cannot control the other people on the roads and sometimes their behavior is unpredictable. That is why it is so important for people to pay attention to the roads and their surroundings at all times while driving to avoid car accidents.

As drivers know though there are many different distractions and the advances in phone technology have created a whole new set of them. People have constant information at the tip of their fingers, but texting, emailing, looking at websites and other functions on phones force people to take their eyes off the road. Sending and reading texts on average force drivers to take their eyes off the road for an average of five seconds and when on highways that means people can travel the length of a football field without looking at the road. A lot can happen over the length of a football field.

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