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Is alimony part of every divorce?

When your marriage is ending, money becomes a very big issue. It takes money to start over and money to live – and there seldom seems to be enough to go around. Money becomes an even bigger issue, however, when one spouse is less economically stable or affluent than...

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Why are gray divorces on the rise?

A few decades ago, there wasn't a special term for divorces among those close to or past the age of retirement. However, they have become so common that now there are multiple terms used to describe these later-in-life divorces. A gray divorce or silver splitter...

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Why all new cars have backup cameras

When backup cameras first entered the automotive industry, people liked the increased safety and the ease of parallel parking with a camera. But these were still seen as a luxury feature. Most vehicles just required you to back up with your mirrors, as people have...

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