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How does filing for bankruptcy affect a credit score?

Many Americans who seek debt relief do so because they got into financial trouble with credit. Mortgages, credit card bills and other debts can pile up, quickly gathering interest. An unexpected setback, such as a medical emergency or loss of a job, can make these debts impossible to overcome without help. Fortunately, a professional can help people get out of this kind of financial trap through debt relief methods such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

But none of this means that credit itself is bad, or to be avoided at all costs. In fact, credit is a necessary part of life for many people, especially if they need to buy a car or a home.

Car accident injuries come in many forms

High-speed car accidents can lead to severe injuries, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and other injuries that can permanently alter the lives of victims and their families. Depending upon the circumstances of the accident and the types of vehicles involved, there may be other types of serious injury as well. A recent accident in Quincy illustrates some of the other possible types of injuries in a car accident.

According to news reports, six people were treated at a hospital after an accident at a Quincy gas station. According to the Quincy Fire Department, the incident occurred at a gas station when a man apparently accidentally put his car in reverse instead of drive and crashed into a fuel pump. The pump fell onto another car, and police and firefighters arrived to help get people away from the scene.

Real estate investment comes with risk

Real estate can seem like a good deal but sometimes it costs more than just a few simple repair bills before you can turn a profit. 

Property investment in and around Quincy can be quite complicated. For example, some of the most attractive properties may have had many owners before you thought about buying. 

Consider your business during the estate planning process

So much goes into the creation and development of a business. In a way, it is much like raising a child, as it takes similar input, thought, dedication, and sacrifice. So that's why it's not much of a stretch to think about your business during the estate planning process. Thinking about your business's future while you think about your family's future seems like a no-brainer.

Depending on your ownership position in a business, though, you may or may not have the authority to make estate planning decisions with the business in mind. This is especially pertinent for business owners who are co-owners with another person or party. However, while there may be limitations, you can potentially determine the outcome of at least the portion of the business you own. Determining what happens with it, who comes into a position on power in the event that you can no longer make decisions, and any other future unknown outcomes can potentially be determined beforehand.

Intermediaries and your business merger

There are stages in the growth and change of a business. From the time a business starts out compared to several years of growth and change, the business can look very different. It may come time for the business to merge with another in its industry or in a similar industry. The process for that business merger may include an intermediary.

Understanding the company merging with your business in totality is key. For example, understanding if the company is in good standing, it's profit margins, the employees and so many other aspects of a business can have a huge impact on the success (or lack thereof) of a merger with your existing business. All of these factors (and more) can have a huge impact on whether two businesses are compatible for the process of a merger. Introducing an intermediary into the process can ease the transition.

How to spot reckless drivers and avoid an accident

When you drive, you expect other motorists to be safe. While you know not all drivers are skilled or polite, you generally assume you will not encounter anyone dangerous. Unfortunately, reckless drivers are out there and may cause you to get into a collision with their hazardous behavior.

Reckless driving means driving without regard to the safety of others. Thankfully, you can reduce your chances of being in a reckless driving crash with the following tips.

Man suffers loss of legs after crash with alleged drunk driver

It's terrifying when the news reports an everyday average person who was in a terrible, unforeseen accident. These accidents often result in serious injuries, many which are life-altering. This is exactly what happened to a Massachusetts man after he stepped out to his vehicle, parked street side and it was completely unexpected when the vehicle crashed into him, pinning him between two vehicles. The man's legs have been amputated in an emergency surgery to save his life.

After the car accident, authorities arrived on scene. The man behind the wheel was arrested on the spot after authorities noticed and alleged drunk driving indicators. They included slurred speech, the smell of alcohol and glassy and bloodshot eyes. Surveillance video captured the exact moments leading up to the crash where the man's body was pinned between the two vehicles. The man blew a 0.17 on the breathalyzer, so all signs would point to a drunk driving accident.

Find debt relief for you, your small business under Chapter 11

It's no secret that it's tough to be a small business today! With the decline in brick and mortar retail, threats of larger companies and their buying power and the change in consumer buying habits - these are all aspects of larger retail trends that can greatly impact small businesses. This isn't always controllable for a business to absorb these challenges without negatively impacting the business. This can quickly lead to debt if sales slough for a period of time.

It may be time to consider Chapter 11 bankruptcy for debt relief for your business. Chapter 11 is different from other bankruptcy options in that it is a reorganization of debt. Chapter 11 allows the debtor to propose a business plan for profitability post-bankruptcy. This plan may include trimming costs and seeking new sources of revenue or income, which in turn can hold creditors off, temporarily.

Felony accusations and possible effect on immigration status

If you are interested in immigrating to the United States, you are not alone. Thousands have made the physical trek to the United States and some have become fully naturalized citizens. There are a few factors that could stand in a person's way of becoming a U.S. citizen. In terms of criminal law, a barrier could be felony accusations or even a felony conviction.

While visiting the U.S., whether on a green card or a visa, or whether you are here undocumented, a criminal accusation could impact your immigration status proceedings. Even so, an accused crime could be an issue of 'moral turpitude' and not a felony legally. Crimes of moral turpitude aren't strictly defined, but they could include acts of perjury, tax evasion, child abuse and even wire fraud.

The top 3 reasons couples divorce

Marriage rates have dipped in the past couple of years, mostly due to more and more millennials choosing not to tie the knot. One of the reasons behind this trend is the fear and chaos that often comes in the wake of divorce.

Separation and divorce can have lasting effects for both spouses. The driving force behind the ending can cause negative feelings to flare up. The top three reasons for divorce may not surprise anyone, especially if the process has already begun for you.

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