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Consider these factors when choosing a location for your business

They say, being at the right place at the right time, is the key to success. Essentially, timing is everything. So when trying to decide on a commercial real estate location for your business, it's a huge decision that can have a real impact on your business. Here is what to consider when deciding where to set up shop.

Depending on what industry you are involved in, a few factors matter heavily. For example, if your business depends on people walking in the door, also known as retail, picking a heavily foot-trafficked area is key. However, if you are going to partake in industrial or manufacturing, you'll want a space large enough and permitted and zoned for that type of activity. Of course, price of square foot vs. your needs as a business is important as well.

4 new laws in Massachusetts

Laws in Massachusetts change frequently. There is a multitude of new rules and statutes in the Bay State as of 2019. It can be challenging to stay up to date on what is legal and illegal when the laws change so often. 

The new Massachusetts laws in effect this year address several issues, ranging from opioids to the minimum wage. Here are four of the new rules you should know about. 

A criminal defense can be useful when accused of a crime

It may go without saying, but when accused of a crime, one would be wise to look into building a criminal defense. So what is a criminal defense? Building a criminal defense against criminal accusations could look like building a defense to charge, seeking a plea deal or other rebukes in the prosecution's attempt to pin a crime on the accused. Without one, or with an inadequate defense, it could result in unwanted or unnecessary consequences for the accused.

Whether you or a loved one or friend are facing charges related to white collar crimes, drunk driving, drug possession or even theft, the professionals at Levin and Levin LLP, know how to prepare a criminal defense that will suit each person's unique situation. Being familiar with the laws and the potential consequences can and does help in determining what to do next. That's where we excel and where we can help our clients get a leg up on understanding criminal charges.

Can your sell your house when in pre-foreclosure?

If you have been through the mortgage process in the last several years, then you know how tedious and time-consuming a process it can be. An increase in banking regulations, federal regulations and other stipulations has made buying a home more complicated than in years' past. Once the documents have been signed and the key put in a homeowner's hand, many think they have made it. However, many homeowners can hit a snag if they are unable to pay their mortgage payments.

This can happen to anyone at any stage of their mortgage payment process. So when a homeowner starts to get in over their head, they may think about selling their house. If you are in pre-foreclosure, you may be wondering if it's possible to put your house on the market.

Is your family business just another asset in your divorce?

If you and your spouse-business partner have decided to end your marriage, you will soon face the property division phase of your divorce.

You may have put your marital home at the top of your list of assets, but what about the family business? This is an asset, too, and perhaps the most significant one you have. What will become of it?

Quincy commercial project puts more pressure on planning board

In previous posts, we've covered the commercial real estate proposal in downtown Quincy. As a refresher, the large-scale project is on the footprint of the old hospital, in a residential area. There has been much back and forth about the project, and strong opinions on both sides of the issue. There has been more pressure put on the planning board to come to a decision on several issues affecting the project.

A Quincy city councilor has proposed to put the brakes on the massive development proposed for the former Quincy Medical Center site until the developer follows through with their promise to the city concerning a downtown project. The developer originally proposed to redevelop a 5.3-acre slice of land, located in Quincy city center that once held the old Ross parking garage. This was something meant to be a sort of gift to the city and the public.

Proper estate plan can successfully plan for business

Planning for the future is something that many think about upon the turn of the New Year. Whatever your goals are for the New Year, and the future in general, an estate plan should be one of them. Estate planning can accomplish many goals that you may not necessarily be aware that it can accomplish. If you are business owner, an estate plan may be necessary in case something were to happen that would make you unavailable to run or make decisions for your business.

When it comes to running a business, no-one knows more about it than the owner. However, odds are, that you have family members or employees that can help to take over business duties when you are no longer able to. An estate plan can name duties, people or circumstances specific to you and your business, in the event you are unable to attend to them. They can also help to manage financials, and who has access to the most sensitive information and the potential to make business decisions.

How small business owners can prevent white-collar crime

As a small business owner, you are likely already taking steps to prevent crime within your company. You may take actions to curb shoplifting, sexual harassment and burglary. However, you should not neglect the threat of white-collar crimes. White-collar offenses impact approximately 36 percent of businesses, and 25 of households, according to research from the National White Collar Crime Center.

It is possible for your employees to partake in various white-collar offenses, such as embezzlement or fraud. You and other executives may also inadvertently commit offenses such as tax fraud, money laundering and forgery. No matter how white-collar crime occurs within your organization, you may be ultimately liable for it as the owner. Take notice of these tips to protect against white-collar crime in your business.

Could my car accident injury be attributed to other's negligence?

Most people on the road have seen those distracted drivers, the reckless drivers - the ones who swerve in and out of lanes, stopping in the nick of time and otherwise putting themselves and others on the road in danger. Most of us go out of our way to avoid these drivers. However, we can't always get out of the way and sometimes, are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. What this can result in is a car accident injury for yourself or a loved one.

The truth is, car accident injuries due to negligence can happen even if, up until that very moment, the other driver was driving responsibly. What that means is car accident negligence can happen to anyone. It just takes one moment, one poor decision to cause car accident injury. Seeking damages if another driver's accident directly caused personal injury is a person's right.

What are the biggest question marks during property division?

Few topics can strike fear into the hearts of divorcing couples' like the phrase "property division." However, property division is nothing to be afraid of. It's merely a splitting of the assets and liabilities in a fair and equitable manner. Even with that being said, there are some common questions that come up in terms of property division for many divorcing couples.

As Massachusetts is an equitable division property state, it can be up to a judge to determine what is fair and equitable. However, it's possible that a divorcing couple may decide to negotiate with each other outside of a court room. This approach doesn't work for everyone, especially if communication has completely broken down between the divorcing couple. A negotiation could require that a divorcing party give up something (an asset) in order to receive an asset that they deem more important.

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