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Investigations lead to drug, weapons charges in Massachusetts

Law enforcement agencies often coordinate major efforts in operations targeting hot-button issues. When they make arrests and file charges as a result of these operations, they may bask in the headlines for a news cycle before moving on, but the challenges for those accused of these crimes are just beginning.

Estate planning basics and probate questions, continued

As discussed previously on our Quincy legal issues blog, sometimes a deceased person's estate will need to go through the probate process to legally transfer the decedent's assets and work through any issues left unresolved at the time of death. Careful estate planning can usually help keep most (perhaps all) assets from having to be probated, but many will have to deal with probate to some degree.

Understanding commercial leases

If you are starting a new business in Massachusetts, one of the first things you must do is find a location from which to operate it. Welcome to the world of commercial leases. If you have never before negotiated one, you will find the process considerably different than merely signing a normal preprinted residential lease like the one you signed for your apartment or rental house.

Understanding probate as part of estate planning basics

Many Quincy residents will have one major question surrounding their estates or the estate of a loved one: how to avoid probate. Before delving into the subject of avoiding probate, we will spend some time making sure that our readers are clear on just when it is necessary to probate an estate.

What constitutes burglary?

The crime of burglary has been around for a long time. So long, in fact, that the definition of the crime has evolved. We'll take a closer look this week at what constitutes burglary in 2018 with the understanding that the information is general in nature only and not intended to be taken as legal advice.

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