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Don't jump into the commercial real estate market alone

The "Great Recession" is behind us and many people in Massachusetts are looking for opportunities in the commercial real estate market. They may want to develop a factory, a warehouse, an apartment complex or a shopping center. Mixed-use development is also a popular option for commercial real estate developers these days. Any of these can be financially worthwhile endeavors.

Blow the dust off that estate plan, and take a second look

Estate planning isn't something that is done in one attempt, and then set aside forever. In fact, failing to revisit one's estate plan from time to time can be a critical error. This is because life brings constant changes that could affect how a person wants their affairs and property handled at the end of their life and upon their death. The following are some tips for Massachusetts residents to keep in mind if they have an estate plan.

Business structures that reduce personal liability

If you own or are thinking about establishing a small business, you may have concerns about whether you could be held personally liable in the event that someone files a lawsuit against your company. Virtually all small businesses are at risk in some manner or another, and this holds true even if you do not own a business in which the risks are obvious, such as a food-service entity.

Prenups can be valuable in the event of death or divorce

Who in Massachusetts needs a prenuptial agreement? Is it only the old or well-to-do? Not necessarily. Prenups can be an effective way for spouses of any age and financial status to protect their interests should their marriage not last or should they pass away. They may not be romantic, but they are practical.

Is it the end of the world after going bankrupt?

After going through a personal bankruptcy, it is understandable that you would be worried about your financial future. Will your credit ever recover? Fortunately, you and other Massachusetts residents can rest assured that although it is stressful, a bankruptcy does not necessarily carry the bad rap that many people seem to think.

Alcohol may have played a role in wrong-way car accident

Many people in Massachusetts partake in an alcoholic drink from time to time. They may be celebrating a special occasion, they may be enjoying a night out with friends or they may simply be relaxing at home. However, when one drink becomes two or three or more, people can behave irresponsibly. One of the most dangerous things they can do if they are drunk is get behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, one person recently did just that, with catastrophic results.

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