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With the Fourth of July holiday comes increased DUI enforcement

At this exact moment, countless people across Massachusetts have one eye on the clock, eagerly counting down the hours until their shift ends and they are free to enjoy the weekend, which will be a long one for many of them owing to the Fourth of July holiday.

Are there risks to debt relief companies in lieu of bankruptcy?

For residents of Quincy and throughout Massachusetts who are facing financial challenges, the prevalence of advertisements promising help with clearing debt without filing for bankruptcy might be an alluring temptation. For many, there is an ingrained fear of the word "bankruptcy" that leads them to try alternatives. However, there are often underlying circumstances with debt settlement companies that people are unaware of. These can ruin the attempt to eliminate debt and make the person's problems worse.

Car accident involving pedestrian leads to fatality

Drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians all must share the road in Quincy and throughout Massachusetts to ensure that everyone remains safe. Obeying the traffic laws and being visible and vigilant is a sound way to avoid car accidents. However, accidents can sometimes happen regardless. When there is a crash between a person in a vehicle and someone who is not, there can be terrible results with major injuries and death. Knowing what to do in the aftermath is vital.

Am I eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Massachusetts residents who are experiencing financial problems will frequently be confused as to how to rectify them and what options are available to do so. It can be overwhelming to be in significant debt. Often, people do not know how to get the fresh start they so desire. One alternative under the bankruptcy code is Chapter 13. Chapter 13 is known as a "wage-earner's plan." The eligibility requirements for Chapter 13 must be understood before pursuing it as an option.

Can I keep my divorce out of the public record?

We live in an information age. It is easier than ever to get hold of records on people. All you have to do is conduct an online search and volumes of data can be revealed. Laws protecting privacy vary state by state. In Massachusetts, the presumption is that every government record is public. As such, when a couple divorces, the default is that the public can access those records.

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