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Rising sea levels could threaten Quincy residential real estate

As the old saying goes, it's all about location, location, location. When considering purchasing residential real estate in Quincy, proximity to the waterfront, and potentially an ocean view, are naturally major factors in the decision process. However, a recent report may give many prospective buyers reason to think a little more carefully about that purchase.

Alleged drunk driver runs pickup into store, injuring worker

One of the most dangerous kinds of motor vehicle accidents in Quincy and across Massachusetts is the type where a vehicle crashes into a building or a business. When people are out on the road in any capacity, whether it is driving, riding a bicycle, or as a pedestrian, they will have it in the back of their mind that a crash is possible and that they should be alert. Those who are inside a structure, though, likely don't think that a vehicle will come crashing into the building. When a vehicle does collide with a building, those who are inside can suffer serious and even fatal injuries. Even if the injuries do not appear serious at the outset, there can still be long-term damage.

Teach your teens that swatting is no joke

As you are aware, teenagers love to emulate their peers, whether they are in school or on social media. When everyone in a group of kids is doing the same thing, it can be difficult for even an intelligent and well-meaning kid to make the right choice, especially if others say it is harmless or that “everyone is doing it.” Sometimes the results of following the crowd are benign, but other times there can be serious repercussions and even criminal charges. Your kids and others in Massachusetts should understand the potential penalties of a popular prank called swatting.

Defendant wins bail despite record of deportation, re-entry

In the heat of the national debate over immigration and immigrant rights, it can be all too easy to gloss over the details of any particular case. In immigration law, however, every case is unique, and individuals' stories deserve to be heard - both the bad and the good. A criminal defense professional can play an important role in making sure this happens.

What should Quincy residents include in a basic will? (Part 2)

Far too often, Quincy residents pass away without leaving any written indication of how their estate should be handled. Not only does this risk their assets being distributed in a manner against what their wishes might have been, but it exposes their estates to legal challenges and the potential for mismanagement. Fortunately, a basic will can be drafted with relative ease, as we began discussing previously on our Quincy legal issues blog.

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