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Rising sea levels could threaten Quincy residential real estate

As the old saying goes, it’s all about location, location, location. When considering purchasing residential real estate in Quincy, proximity to the waterfront, and potentially an ocean view, are naturally major factors in the decision process. However, a recent report may give many prospective buyers reason to think a little more carefully about that purchase.

The report took a look at the five Massachusetts towns most at risk from rising seas. Occupying the number three spot on the list: Quincy. The report indicated that in just a little less than three decades, rising sea levels could be expected to threaten three percent of the homes in our town, just over 650 homes, with “chronic inundation.” Currently, more than 1,100 people live in those homes, and they provide Quincy with over $2.7 million per year in property tax revenue.

Many people purchasing residential real estate in Quincy are thinking about where they will raise their families, in which case it is important to consider what kinds of changes could be taking place over the next 20 or 30 years. The possibility of waterfront properties succumbing to rising sea levels is just one example. Potential buyers will want to have the best, most thorough and up-to-date information about any factors that might affect their property down the line, whether man-made or natural.

Working with a legal professional can help avoid any nasty surprises, as he or she can play a valuable role in researching title actions, issues with permits, finalizing a purchase agreement, and even resolving disputes. Unfortunately, however, one thing even an attorney cannot do is hold back the rising tides.

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