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Commercial redevelopment opportunity in Springfield

With the constant flipping of real estate in and around Quincy, another potential project has hit the radar. The old home of the Registry of Motor Vehicles offices at 165 Liberty St in Springfield has seen many offers for retail and/or restaurant enterprises. Located at a busy intersection, the area has 22,000 people driving by on the daily and 100,000 people in the immediate area. Offers have proposed everything from fixing up the building and land to tearing it down to start fresh.

Common divorce mistakes to avoid

Although the divorce rate has declined somewhat in recent years, it is still drastically higher than what it was decades ago. The ratio of the marriage rate to the divorce rate was only 17 percent in 1960, while it was up to 47 percent in 2015, reports the Massachusetts Family Institute. 

What should I choose my business structure based on?

This blog recently took a look at the different business structures and the importance of selecting the best one for your business. There are a few considerations to take into account during the business formation process and this blog will help entrepreneurs and business owners take a look at what those considerations are and answer questions they may have.

3 legal hazards of laying off employees

As a business owner, nothing is more exciting than watching your enterprise grow and thrive. When your bottom line looks good and your clientele is solid, it may be necessary to hire new staff in order to continue meeting demands. Conversely, it is frustrating when you realize you need to downsize your staff to continue making a profit and keep your business afloat. 

The important of selecting a business form

When starting a business, one of the most important decisions the entrepreneur will make it what business type they select. There are a variety of different business forms to consider when starting up a business and entrepreneurs should understand the benefits and implications of each.

Understanding Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When you started your Massachusetts business, you likely had a two-fold purpose: to make and/or sell a superior product or service and to make a profit by doing so. If you now find yourself in the untenable position where your business has more debts than income with which to pay them, you may qualify for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. A business debt of less than $2.19 million and employment of 500 or fewer employees are the only two qualifications for obtaining small business Chapter 11 relief.

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