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Common divorce mistakes to avoid

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Although the divorce rate has declined somewhat in recent years, it is still drastically higher than what it was decades ago. The ratio of the marriage rate to the divorce rate was only 17 percent in 1960, while it was up to 47 percent in 2015, reports the Massachusetts Family Institute.

Although divorce can sometimes be inevitable, that does not mean you have to make the process harder on yourself. There are many mistakes far too many divorcees still make, and making these mistakes can cost you time, money or both.

Trying to hide assets

Some spouses do not see the harm in trying to hide a few assets so to avoid the risk an ex acquiring them. However, it is fairly easy for a spouse and a private investigator to discover such assets. In the event the court learns you tried to hide assets, you could negate any agreements that were in place beforehand and face criminal charges.

Attempting to extract revenge

Any divorce is an emotionally trying time, especially if your ex hurt you in some way. Many people will feel tempted to try to punish an ex by trying to get the house and other important assets even when it would not be an equitable split.

Not preparing financially

There is a heavy monetary cost to divorce. Not only will the court proceedings cost a fair deal of money, but you also need to prepare for what financial situation you will be in afterward. Divorcing spouses would do well to budget before going to court to make sure they have enough money for the near future.

Speaking negatively of an ex to children

This tip is more for outside the courtroom. In most cases, parents will share custody of any children they have together. It is vital for the emotional well-being of children to still respect both of their parents, so you should not say hurtful things about an ex in-person or on social media.

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