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What Massachusetts considers when awarding alimony

If you are divorcing in Massachusetts and either plan to request alimony or believe that your spouse is going to do so, you may have questions about how the courts determine whether to award spousal support and how they decide on the amounts and length of time one spouse must pay it.

Choice of trustee, transparency important in estate planning

Sometimes, it may seem like Quincy residents are doing everything right in setting up and protecting one's estate for the benefit of one's heirs. One may expect that a certain level of trust among family and community members will carry on after one has passed away. But if those relationships turn sour, will the estate plan hold up?

Massachusetts judge: immigrant has right to criminal defense

A fundamental principle of our country's justice system is that an individual accused of a crime has the right to defend him or herself in court. However, certain Massachusetts residents facing criminal charges have actually been prevented from appearing at their state court hearings.

Tips for people who work from home

There are many great reasons for people to work from home. In fact, while some must work from home out of necessity, quite a few gladly choose this option. After all, you can save on office rentals as well as gas costs and other commuting costs.

Actor's divorce auction highlights property division issues

When Quincy couples reach the end of a marriage, it's not for them to find that they need to downsize. At least one partner (if not both) may be moving out of a house and into an apartment. Even couples in a high-asset divorce may find that it is time to let go of assets acquired during the marriage as they move on with their lives.

Truck driver charged in child's death

When companies send their employees out driving for work on the roads in Quincy or anywhere else in Massachusetts, they are taking on the responsibility for any negligent acts committed while those employees are driving for work. In some cases, this may include liability for injuries or even fatalities when car accidents result from employee negligence behind the wheel.

How to know when it is time to change your business structure

When you started your Massachusetts business, the first thing you decided was what type of business structure you wanted. Each kind of business structure has its own pros and cons, and you chose the one that best fit your needs at the time. Now you are several years down the road, and your business is bigger, better and more profitable than it was when it began. Is it time to change your business structure

Can Chapter 11 offer debt relief to a small business?

After we wrote recently here on our Quincy legal issues blog about two major grocery chains struggling with debt and reportedly preparing for bankruptcy, we should pause to address a question some readers are likely to have. While it's true that bankruptcy can allow big businesses to reorganize in an effort to return to profitability, does Chapter 11 offer debt relief for a small business?

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