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Tips for people who work from home

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Blog

There are many great reasons for people to work from home. In fact, while some must work from home out of necessity, quite a few gladly choose this option. After all, you can save on office rentals as well as gas costs and other commuting costs.

Of course, you are still working even if you do so from home. That means you must take most, if not all, of the same business steps you would if you leased an office. Here is a look at a few tips.

Determine a business structure

A sole proprietorship may be the business structure that makes the most sense for you, but it could be that a partnership or another type of structure best fits your needs and goals. Whatever the case, it is important that you know what type of business structure you officially have for taxation and legal reasons. For example, in a sole proprietorship, you can be personally liable for business debts. Your personal creditors can also go after your business assets to satisfy personal debts.

Make time for yourself

This one may seem contradictory, because you are probably working by yourself at home. Even if you chat on the phone or via email to colleagues and clients, you are physically alone. However, do make some non-work time for yourself. Take breaks, short or long. Read a fun book for 30 minutes. Go for walks to get fresh air, and maybe even leave the house and bring a brown-bag lunch to the park down the street.

Set personal and business boundaries

Setting boundaries can be easier if you have a home office. In that case, you can hang a “Do not disturb” sign or something like that so your family members know not to interrupt. Even if you are working in the living room, though, you can still set boundaries such as posting a “Do not knock” sign on the front door for people who stop by while you are on an important call. Remember to treat your business as seriously as you would in a traditional office setting.

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