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Building permits boom in Quincy as do rising rents

Many would call the commercial real estate boom in Quincy part of a larger transformation. A city some would have called run-down is now seeing the landscape of the city change with an influx of investor money and real estate projects in recent years. A hotel, mall and mostly, commercial residential real estate projects make up the changes. However, many claim that the projects and, specifically, the residential real estate additions are making rent unaffordable for many.

Could alimony be awarded in my divorce settlement?

Everyone's marriage is different, but the truth is that a large percentage of them end in divorce. Since everyone has a different story and situation, this could be due to a variety of reasons. However, all will have to follow the state laws of divorce and some negotiation may need to happen between divorcing spouses in order to come to a resolution. One topic that many divorcing spouses have questions about is alimony.

Signing a lease for commercial property in Quincy

Business owners and managers often shoulder the responsibility of ensuring everyday business needs are met. For many businesses, having a physical space to conduct operations or house their employees is necessary to conduct business. A business can either rent commercial real estate or purchase property. For those that rent, the business will likely need to agree to a lease with the landlord.

Does your business require debt relief?

Running a business is not easy, as many business owners already know. Whether the business is large or small, there are challenges that every business owner will face while trying to navigate their industry to be a profitable and successful business. A business can face specific cash flow challenges as a new business while they are getting off the ground. However, established businesses can suffer hardship as well.

Proposed commercial site in Quincy under fire

All cities have zoning for residential and commercial projects. Occasionally, the two bump against each other and can cause conflict. A new commercial property has is attempting to be zoned near residential properties in Quincy and there are heated opinions on both sides. While both sides have valid points, only one party will get their way in terms of the proposed large scale commercial real estate project.

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