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Proposed commercial site in Quincy under fire

All cities have zoning for residential and commercial projects. Occasionally, the two bump against each other and can cause conflict. A new commercial property has is attempting to be zoned near residential properties in Quincy and there are heated opinions on both sides. While both sides have valid points, only one party will get their way in terms of the proposed large scale commercial real estate project.

The property in contention is on Whitwell street. While the proposed project is currently needing to pass the city planning stage, there is resistance from residential neighbors in the area. Some neighbors will even be within 25 feet on the commercial property. The height on the commercial property is also a point of concern as it would tower over its one- and two-story neighbors. Expected increased traffic and activity in the area is also a concern.

The property development team wants to redevelop the 15-acre site of the former hospital to build the largest and most densely populated development ever seen in Quincy, the site plan submitted to the board shows a mix of 598 rental units that will include 36 rowhouses, 17 townhouses and four six-story multi-family apartment buildings that will house anywhere from 79 to 175 units each. Units would be made up of a variety of studio, one, two and three-bedroom homes. This mix could bring more than 2,000 new residents into the Hospital Hill neighborhood, which would nearly double the population in size.

On the flip side, the developers of the commercial project want to maximize the potential for revenue and places for people to live in Hospital Hill. Both will need to place their concerns with the council and ultimately, it will be decided. The council has suggested that they may need to scale down their project to half of its current size.

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