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A Full-Service Law Firm
Located in Quincy, Massachusetts, Levin and Levin, LLP was established in 1933 as a full-service law firm committed to providing clients throughout the South Shore with the highest level of legal representation available.

Massachusetts Corporation And Business Transactions

Whether you are a small business owner or multimillion-dollar corporation, the purchase or sale of a business is complicated and has many potential issues such as proper business valuation, tax implications, contract negotiations, mergers, acquisitions and employment disputes. At Levin and Levin, LLP, we have been helping individuals, businesses, partnerships and corporations with complex business transactions for decades.


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Purchase or Sale of Businesses, Entities, Corporations

At Levin and Levin, LLP, we have business transaction experience and capabilities across the board, from first-time business owners and entrepreneurs to large corporations. Regardless of the size of your business, we are attentive to every step of the transaction and ensure that your business’s best interests are kept in mind. We do more than just assist with the purchase or sale of the business. We approach each transaction by evaluating your business as a whole and consider other issues that will determine the success of your business.

Business transaction issues we offer our assistance with include:

  • Due diligence
  • Valuation of business assets
  • Valuation of business liabilities
  • Commercial real estate valuations
  • Negotiating buy/sell agreements
  • Contract drafting and reviewing
  • Lease negotiations
  • Winding-up of business
  • Transfers, mergers, acquisitions
  • Tax issues
  • Employment issues
  • Escrow disputes
  • Business litigation

When you become a client of Levin and Levin, LLP, your business will receive the upmost care and attention for not just a single business transaction but for all your business needs. We foster long-lasting relationships with our clients so that we are really able to understand the unique issues your business may be facing.

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