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Massachusetts man accused of selling beer without license

The craft beer scene is experiencing a huge upswing in popularity in Massachusetts and nationwide. Whether it is an ale, a stout or a lager, beer-enthusiasts in the state are finding a greater selection of their favorite beverage than ever before. Some of them may even take this hobby a step further and try brewing beer in their own homes, with dreams of one day quitting the rat-race and opening a lucrative brewery of their own. However, one Massachusetts man is facing criminal charges for allegedly selling beer without first procuring the proper license.

According to police, the 44-year-old man advertised his brewed beverages online at MyBeerCellar.com. That website touts itself as being the premiere place for the sale of collectible beer memorabilia. Police responded to the man's advertisement and allegedly agreed to buy $700 worth of craft beer. Then police reportedly met the man at a truck stop and bought 57 bottles of beer from him. After that, he was charged with selling beer without a license.

When should a person's estate plan be reviewed?

Some people in Quincy may have created an estate plan years ago and considered the matter settled. However, as time progresses, big changes can happen in a person's life. For this reason, estate planning is not a "one and done" process, but instead estate plans should be reviewed periodically, to ensure their provisions are still appropriate.

One reason to review an estate plan is if there have been changes in tax laws. For example, back in 2001 the United States Congress passed a significant tax law affecting exemption amounts. If a person's estate plan was created prior to that date and not updated, there could be negative tax consequences.

Businesses contemplating bankruptcy have options

Most business owners in Quincy set off in high hopes that their enterprise will be profitable for years to come. However, increased competition, a struggling economy, a loss of customer base or any other number of reasons could lead a business to find itself in serious financial trouble. If a business is in over its head with debts it cannot pay, one option it may have is filing for bankruptcy.

Filing for business bankruptcy is not a bad thing. It is simply a process a business can use to pay off some or all of its debt or eliminate its debt altogether. A business can file for either Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, depending on what kind of business it is and its bankruptcy goals.

3 options for resolving business disputes

Going into business with someone else can be exciting and rewarding. Running a company with a close friend or like-minded business partner can be more fun and dynamic than doing it on your own. However, disagreements do arise, no matter how well you work together. A business dispute can quickly become bitter and costly. 

Disagreements are inevitable, but you can resolve them quickly and effectively if you do it right. Here are some tips for resolving a partnership dispute and protecting your business from irreversible damage. 

Foreclosure filings down in Massachusetts

During the Great Recession, many people in Massachusetts had their homes foreclosed upon. And while the results of the Great Recession are still being felt, Massachusetts residents may be encouraged to hear that as of June 2017, the number of foreclosure petitions went down over 18 percent when compared to the number of petitions in June 2016. In fact, it was the first yearly decrease the state saw since 2013.

When a home is foreclosed upon, the first thing that will happen is that a petition will be filed. As of this year to date, Massachusetts saw almost 5,800 foreclosure filings. This is a 12.6 percent decrease from the number of foreclosure filings spanning from January 2016 to June 2016. On those dates, 6,600 foreclosure petitions were filed.

On what grounds can one file for divorce in Massachusetts?

Many events can lead to a Massachusetts couple deciding to end their marriage. Sometimes a couple finds they are constantly having heated arguments about many different topics, while other times a couple finds they simply have grown apart over the years or no longer share the same life goals. Regardless of what lead to the decision to divorce, one of the first steps to take is to file for divorce. And, in that filing the spouse seeking divorce will need to indicate on what grounds they are seeking divorce.

In Massachusetts, there are a number of grounds upon which a couple can base their divorce. Massachusetts, like all other states in the nation, recognizes "no fault" divorce. In Massachusetts, this is called the "irretrievable breakdown" of the marriage. However, there are other specific grounds as well.

Helping you initiate a criminal defense

Being charged with a crime is a difficult circumstance to be in. No matter the situation, a defendant is likely to be overwhelmed about the matter and concerned about his or her future. It can be intimidating hearing that authorities and the state have evidence against you. However, it is important for defendants to understand that this does not mean the state has a solid case. Even more so, it does not mean that a defendant does not have an ability to defend against the charges and have them dropped.

At Levin and Levin, LLP, our experienced lawyers understand that it is difficult for individuals to face a crime, no matter what type. Whether it is a felony, misdemeanor or an infraction, avoiding a criminal record is always in the best interests of the accused. Thus, we are dedicated to helping Massachusetts residents understand their rights and how best they can assert a criminal defense.

Be prepared as you travel the road to home ownership in Quincy

Becoming a first-time homeowner in Quincy is very exciting, and for some is a major milestone in their lives. Other people in Quincy are into flipping houses -- that is, purchasing a home, renovating it and selling it, all within a short span of time. Still other homeowners in Quincy have lived in their house for many years and have decided to either upgrade to a larger home to provide space for a growing family, or conversely have decided to downsize once their children have flown the nest. In the end, however, there are many reasons why a person in Quincy may be interested in either buying or selling residential real estate.

However, buying or selling a home is not always as straightforward as it may seem. There are many steps to take along the way, and sometimes obstacles come up that thwart the process. That is why, whether you are buying or selling residential real estate, it may help to have the assistance of an attorney.

Bankruptcy options for small businesses

Sometimes your business does not work out as you planned. If you are in financial turmoil with your business, you might be considering bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can be a scary and intimidating thought, but it is sometimes necessary and even helpful. The bankruptcy process helps you eliminate or repay your business debt.

There are three ways to declare bankruptcy for your business. Your choice will depend mostly on your business structure. Keep reading for an analysis of what type of bankruptcy you should consider.

What steps can one take to start a business in Massachusetts?

Owning your own business is part of the "American Dream." The idea of being a business owner is exciting, but it is important to make sure that all the proper legalities are met when establishing your new business. This post will give you a general idea of the steps to take in starting a new business in Massachusetts. However, any budding entrepreneur should seek the advice of an attorney, which this post cannot provide.

First of all, it helps to plan ahead. Make sure the timing is right before taking the plunge into business ownership. Second, commit to a business plan in writing. This plan can guide the operations of the business for the first few years of the business's existence. Third, make sure that you have all the necessary training needed to be a first-time business owner. Fourth, make sure you choose an appropriate location for your fledgling business.

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