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Avoiding personal injuries during the holidays

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

Now that last few weeks of the year are here, the last thing on anyone’s mind in Quincy is spending them in the hospital or at home recovering or in the morgue. With the winter weather and holiday season in full swing, the chances for slip-and-fall accidents increase.

It does not take much for accidents to happen. While it is impossible to control everything, common sense and preventative actions can reduce the number of falls that occur and lessen the severity of trauma in unavoidable accidents. The following tactics make accidents far less likely to happen:

  • Wear supportive and slip-resistant shoes: The end of the year brings harsh weather conditions and an increase in slippery conditions.
  • Anticipate hazardous conditions: Every environment has potential issues that can lead to accidents and injuries. Identify possible accident-causing situations and avoid them.
  • Avoid horseplay or inappropriate behavior: In certain environments, horseplay could have harmful consequences. Many property owners have rules in place to curb unsafe behavior. It is up to the public to exercise proper judgment and to act accordingly to keep them and others safe.

Property owners are the first line of defense against accidents on their properties. Actions that are effective at preventing injuries are placing wet floor signs in wet areas, removing snow and ice to prevent slips, using mats to add traction to walkways and areas that are prone to fall accidents and keeping all paths inside and outside of their buildings clear.

Guests and customers also play a role in fall and accident prevention, i.e., wearing suitable, nonskid shoes for the weather conditions, using caution and a taking a slower gait when walking in ice, snow and slippery or dangerous areas. They should also watch where they place their feet and where they are going to avoid nonobvious fall accident hazards.

It is challenging to avoid some accidents, primarily when the negligent actions of others cause them. Fortunately, accident victims have legal standing to hold those responsible and accountable for their neglect.

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