So, you’ve made the decisions to create a business. Maybe this is your first time in this position, or maybe you’ve started other businesses before. Either way, each new business has a starting point. Early on in the process, you’ll want to decide on a business formation plan.

The right business formation plan can make or break a new business. Each new business type has different goals and will serve different parties and ends. Business formation plans are important for tax purposes, depending on the business scope, various business formation plans could help alleviate tax obligations of the business. If, early in the process, you choose the wrong type, or fail to fill out the necessary paperwork, you may find your business and even your personal assets at risk from tax penalties and/or business litigation. Quincy business owners would be doing their business a disservice by failing to choose the optimal business formation plan.

Beyond business formation, there are other items that must be attended to. At Levin and Levin, LLP, we are here to help new businesses and business owners get up and running. The goal is to be fully operational as quickly as possible. However, no stone should go unturned.

This is why it’s ideal to get all of the important items done correctly and timely – the first time. Wasting time having to retrace steps in getting a business up and running isn’t what a new business owner wants. At Levin and Levin, LLP, we understand your concerns and goals for your business. We can help make it a reality.