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Man suffers loss of legs after crash with alleged drunk driver

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

It’s terrifying when the news reports an everyday average person who was in a terrible, unforeseen accident. These accidents often result in serious injuries, many which are life-altering. This is exactly what happened to a Massachusetts man after he stepped out to his vehicle, parked street side and it was completely unexpected when the vehicle crashed into him, pinning him between two vehicles. The man’s legs have been amputated in an emergency surgery to save his life.

After the car accident, authorities arrived on scene. The man behind the wheel was arrested on the spot after authorities noticed and alleged drunk driving indicators. They included slurred speech, the smell of alcohol and glassy and bloodshot eyes. Surveillance video captured the exact moments leading up to the crash where the man’s body was pinned between the two vehicles. The man blew a 0.17 on the breathalyzer, so all signs would point to a drunk driving accident.

To save his life, the man’s legs were amputated, and he is currently undergoing physical therapy to begin to transition back to his new life. It’s not acceptable that a drunk driver would cause such a horrific bodily injury to a person. Arguably, if the man is found guilty of drunk driving, there isn’t any reason the man’s family couldn’t seek personal injury against the driver who caused such a tragedy.

Car accidents can really turn a person’s life upside-down. The man never saw the vehicle coming, just like he never saw the possibility of losing his legs. There is a way to recover for the wrongs he has suffered. While it won’t bring his legs back, it can help to make the transition to this new phase in his life easier to handle.

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