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Recognizing the causes of slip, trip and fall accidents

by | Aug 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Slip, trip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere. You can encounter fall hazards at retail stores, office buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, apartment complexes, restaurants, museums and more. Astoundingly, falls result in 8 million visits to the emergency room every year.

With such a high risk of suffering an injury, you need to know how to prevent such accidents. The first and most important step to prevention is education. When you know what hazards to watch out for, you can avoid them more effectively. 

Surface hazards

You may come into contact with hazardous surface conditions wherever you go. Potholes in parking lots, loose floorboards, recently mopped floors, spilled liquids and uneven surfaces can send you tumbling. 

Environmental hazards

Sometimes, it is the environment you are in that causes you to slip, trip and fall. Dangerous environmental conditions include debris or trash on the floor, cords running across walkways, poor lighting that makes it hard to see obstacles and open drawers.

Stairs and ladders

Hazardous stairs and ladders can cause you to fall from significant heights. For example, defective ladders and a lack of handrails on staircases can lead to serious injuries.

Improper footwear

In certain cases, the shoes you wear may play a role in falling. While they may not even be the core cause, you can always make safe footwear choices to reduce your risk of falling. Shoes with non-skid soles are ideal, especially for keeping your grip on slippery surfaces. 

Negligence of property owners

Overall, the most important thing to recognize is that property owners have a duty to keep you safe. These individuals are responsible for resolving hazards and warning you about them. If a hazard results in you falling and getting hurt, you can hold property owners responsible. Consider pursuing a personal injury lawsuit to get compensation for your fall injuries.

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