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Drunk driver crashes into Weymouth ambulance

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

A 41-year-old North Weymouth woman was arraigned while lying in a hospital bed after a Thursday evening drunk driving accident occurred recently. A judge has set her bail at $7,500 cash on charges of drunk driving, negligent driving, leaving the scene of a crash with personal injury, obstructing an emergency vehicle, driving an unregistered car and a marked lanes violation.

The woman, who was driving a Subaru Forester while under the influence, first crashed into a car at the corner of Bridge Street and Birchbrow Avenue. The parties in the vehicle that was struck were injured, complaining of neck and back pain, and emergency personnel were called to the scene. Before they arrived, the at-fault party backed up and proceeded to leave the scene. Witnesses say she never even attempted to stop or get out of her vehicle. At that point, she crossed the yellow line on the road she was fleeing on and struck a South Shore Ambulance head-on. Ironically, it was the ambulance that was en route to her first accident.

This time, each of the airbags in the Subaru deployed, as well as one in the ambulance. Both paramedics were injured. Shortly thereafter, the officer on patrol who was on his way to the scene of the first accident came upon the second accident and approached the driver. Upon questioning, he detected alcohol on her breath.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries in either of these accidents. However, such is not always the case with drunk drivers. Anyone who has been injured by the negligence and recklessness of someone driving under the influence may want to get more information about legal options. No one should be forced to suffer physically, emotionally or financially because another person chose to drive drunk.

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