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At what age should people stop driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Injuries

In the United States, there is no age at which a person has to stop driving. Instead, seniors normally have to start taking more examinations more regularly to keep the licenses that they have.

The problem with not having an age at which people have to stop driving is that there is a risk that people will continue to drive when they really cannot drive safely. Someone with Alzheimer’s disease may forget how to get where they’re going. Someone who has a loss of vision may not be able to stay in their lane well. These and other issues put them and others at risk of being injured on the road.

Watch out for the warning signs

There are warning signs that it’s time for a person to stop driving and to start allowing others to take them where they need to go. Some common signs include:

  • Not stopping or yielding when prompted
  • Regularly getting lost even in familiar areas
  • Having trouble changing or merging lanes
  • Not using the vehicle’s turn signals because of forgetfulness
  • Being unable to keep track of the speed limit

These and other signs may mean that it is time for a person to stop driving.

A good health assessment may determine if driving is safe

Those who are aging should have regular health exams to determine if it is still safe for them to drive. For example, if a person has a physical exam and it’s determined that they have a degenerative medical condition, then that may be the time when they determine a plan for getting transportation rather than driving themselves. Similarly, if an elderly person cannot see or hear well, it may be a good idea to look into finding them transportation options rather than continuing to have them drive themselves to their appointments or activities.

Driving is a freedom that many people enjoy, but it can become dangerous when a person can no longer drive safely due to age. If you are hit by someone who is too old to be driving or whose health played a negative role in their ability to drive safely, then it’s a good idea to look into your options for seeking compensation. If you have a loved one who is aging, make sure to discuss their transportation options with them if you see warning signs of dangerous driving behaviors.

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