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What happens when you’re hurt by an uninsured driver?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Injuries

Every driver in Massachusetts has to register and insure their vehicle. They need to pass tests that show they understand traffic laws and have the ability to safely manage a vehicle. The goal of all of these rules is to reduce risk for driving on modern roads.

When crashes occur, the insurance of the drivers involved will cover the expenses that may include replacing totaled vehicles, repairing damaged vehicles, covering medical care costs and replacing lost wages. Unfortunately, there are some drivers in Massachusetts that don’t have insurance coverage.

What happened if you get into a crash with one of them? 

There aren’t that many uninsured drivers in Massachusetts

Overall, Massachusetts has a very low rate of uninsured drivers. Only 3.5% of drivers may not have coverage at any given time, which is the second-lowest rate in the nation. When compared with the top rate in Mississippi, that rate is impressively low.

However, that does still mean that roughly one in every 30 drivers you encounter doesn’t have insurance. You could very well have the misfortune of experiencing a crash caused by one of these uninsured motorists. If you do get into a crash with one of these drivers, the good news is that your insurance policy will help.

Massachusetts requires insurance to protect you

Unlike many other states, Massachusetts requires no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) from every driver and also uninsured motorist protection. You can make a claim against your own policy for medical costs under your PIP coverage and for all of your crash-related expenses under your uninsured motorist protection.

The amount of coverage you have usually mirrors the amount of liability coverage that you have. Of course, that may still not be enough to cover all of the costs that you have, especially if the crash results in major injuries for you and possibly other occupants of the vehicle as well. In cases involving misconduct and negligent driving habits, people may be able to take an uninsured driver to civil court to seek compensation.

Learning more about your options after a car crash will help you cover your bills and move on with your life.

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