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The importance of attentive and defensive driving

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Injuries

Driving in cold and inclement weather presents constant hazards, making it more likely for an accident to occur. Poor visibility and slippery roads require the highest standards of defensive driving. Yet, no matter how vigilant, getting involved in an accident can happen at any moment.

Winter weather increases the chance of serious car accidents, whether traveling in a small car or a large SUV. While most collisions involve two vehicles, others take the form of multi-car pileups. That type of deadly chain reaction requires vigilance by a driver focused on the highest standards of safety.

Maintain distance

While it is tempting to “encourage” a driver to travel well under the speed limit, creating space can mean the difference between safety and catastrophe, particularly when visibility is low. Taking eyes off the road for an instant, particularly during a snowstorm, can lead to an accident that leads to multiple collisions.

An exception to eyes temporarily leaving the road is keeping an eye on the rearview mirror. Driving in treacherous settings requires constant attention and quick decision-making. If someone is tailgating, move to the other lane safely and let them pass.

Making quick decisions

Snap decision-making is necessary but should not involve distractions. Frustration over the current conditions may lead to looking at a navigation screen for a potential alternative route. Putting loved ones at ease for the unexpected tardiness may have to wait as a phone call or text could have catastrophic consequences.

The most sophisticated of motor vehicles still have limits. Knowing them is of paramount importance. Even the best-built four or all-wheel-drive vehicles can fall short in wintry weather. Before anyone knows it, a multi-car pileup occurs, leaving drivers and passengers stranded for an undetermined amount of time.

No matter how safely you operate a vehicle, a negligent driver can ruin an evening out and cause serious injuries. While medical treatment comes first, the help of a personal injury attorney can also make a difference in securing justice.

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