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Where are the deadliest roads in Massachusetts?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Injuries

People who head out on Massachusetts roads expect that they’ll be able to remain safe. They may not realize that some of these roads are more unsafe than others.

There are 77,730 miles of roads in this state. An analysis of 733 roads provided insight into which ones are the deadliest. It even looked at that monthly data to determine the most unsafe month to be on the road. July was the deadliest month and November was a very close second.

What roads are the most unsafe in Massachusetts?

The deadliest road in Massachusetts is the 4.3-mile stretch of I-95 N that spans from S. Main St. to Exit 21. From 2018 to 2020, there were five fatal crashes that resulted in six fatalities on this span of road.

Other roads on the list include:

  • Main St from Perkins Ave. to Stonehouse Hill in Brockton/Easton: Five fatal crashes with five fatalities in 3.2 miles
  • I-93 N from Exits 39 to 42: Four fatal crashes with four fatalities in 3.3 miles
  • I-495 N from Exits 14 to 15: Three fatal crashes with three fatalities in 0.4 miles
  • I-93 N from Exits 11B to 13B: Three fatal crashes with three fatalities in 1.6 miles

From 2018 to 2020, there were 986 fatal crashes in the state. Of those, Worcester County was the county with the most fatal crashes, 140 of them, most of which occurred on I-290.

What other factors impact safety on roads?

One of the most disturbing things the study revealed was that there are two factors overwhelmingly present in fatal crashes in this state. Drunk driving was a factor in 30% of them, and speeding was a factor in 26%. Distracted driving was present in 9%.

Anyone who’s injured in a car crash on any road in the state may need medical care. They may also opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help with the costs of the crash. This is filed in civil court against the negligent driver, but it must be done within the established statute of limitations that’s built into Massachusetts law.

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