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3 warning signs your spouse is about to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Divorce

When people get engaged and then say their wedding vows, they typically sincerely intend to follow through on the promises that they’ve make to each other. However, changes in either spouse or in the relationship they share could eventually make the idea of spending a lifetime together seem downright impossible.

Some people convince themselves that if they can just push through a difficult time, things will get better for their families in the future. However, these people sometimes end up feeling shocked and blindsided when their spouse serves them with divorce paperwork. It is honorable to continue working on one’s marriage and maintaining the commitment made during one’s wedding vows, but people also need to know when to act to protect themselves because their spouse will likely soon file for divorce. These are some of the most common signs that a divorce filing may be imminent.

Withdrawal from intimacy

Divorce usually follows a protracted period of emotional withdrawal from the relationship. Often, a reduction in the frequency of sexual intimacy occurs, although in some cases people completely stop pursuing sexual intimacy with their spouse when they have decided to file for divorce.

Inexplicable financial moves

Discovering that a spouse has started a secret bank account in only their name is a red flag, as the goal may be to not only build up a reserve of funds to live independently after the divorce but also to hide assets from their spouse during financial negotiations. Separate credit cards can also be a warning sign of big moves on the horizon for some people. Occasionally, the motive behind such actions is an extravagant gift or concern for legal matters, such as liability related to someone’s small business. However, in a significant number of cases, hidden financial accounts often indicate someone hopes to preserve resources or hide them from a spouse.

Changes in social habits

Perhaps one spouse has started going out far more frequently or connected with a new circle of friends. Maybe one spouse’s family members no longer invite the other spouse to casual get-togethers but instead only include them for formal events and holidays. Such changes in a spouse or their closest social contacts can be a warning sign that they need new support from outside of their marriage or that they have communicated to others about their dissatisfaction with the relationship.

Those who suspect a divorce may soon be imminent should consider ways to protect themselves. Talking with a lawyer, obtaining copies of financial records and documenting any issues that might affect divorce proceedings are all appropriate ways for someone to respond when they believe their spouse may soon file for divorce.

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