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3 tips for proving who is at fault for a Massachusetts crash

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Injuries

It can take weeks to fully manage the practical consequences of a car crash in Massachusetts. Repairing a vehicle with extensive damage can be a lengthy process, and searching for a new vehicle can take equally long, especially if an invested insurance company delays issuing a check.

Beyond that, there may be medical issues to handle if someone gets hurt and financial challenges related to those hospital bills or someone’s lost wages. To make use of insurance or file a lawsuit against a driver who may have caused the collision, people need to prove that the other party was at fault for the wreck. These are some of the ways to establish fault after a Massachusetts collision.

Review digital records

Distraction related to mobile devices has become a leading cause of collisions in Massachusetts and elsewhere. People on their phones may try to deny that they didn’t pay attention prior to the wreck. They might delete messages that they sent or remove apps from their device. They could even try to hide their phone. Company records from the service provider and the businesses servicing apps can help conclusively establish if someone used a phone or transfer data in the moments leading up to a collision.

Obtain camera footage

There are many cameras near and on the roads in Massachusetts that may have footage that can influence the outcome of a collision investigation. Many people have dashboard cameras or dashcams in their vehicles that could provide footage of the actual collision or a driver’s behavior before a wreck. Both traffic cameras and security cameras positioned near the scene of the collision could also capture footage that could play a role in the collision investigation. Some people might also have mobile phone videos of the crash or people’s behavior after it.

Bring in professional help

When someone lies about what caused a wreck, police officers may end up believing that individual if they are charismatic or convincing. It may take an analysis of vehicle damage and images of the crash scene to establish what led to the collision. There are both forensic experts and specialized software that can produce a crash recreation and establish who was at fault for a wreck.

Proving that someone else caused a crash is generally the first step toward seeking compensation through an insurance claim or pursuing a lawsuit against the driver at fault for the incident.

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