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What are the most dangerous highways in Quincy, MA?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | Injuries

The possibility of a crash occurring is always a safety concern. Even when people are very careful and consistently follow the law, they can cross paths with others who don’t. Motorists across Massachusetts and throughout the United States can end up injured in collisions caused by the poor choices of other people.

There are some situations in which crash risk is higher than others, including when people drive in high-risk areas. Drivers in the Quincy area can end up harmed in collisions caused by other motorists due to intoxication, distraction or speeding.

This risk is present everywhere, but there are some streets that simply have more reported crashes than others. Streets with higher speed limits and a greater volume of traffic tend to see the worst collisions. Therefore, highways are some of the most dangerous places to drive. What highways have the most reported crashes in the Quincy region?

Crash statistics help drivers identify risky routes

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation gathers and analyzes information about major collisions. The Department’s interactive map showing where crashes occur can provide drivers with insight into where it is safest and most dangerous to drive.

Massachusetts Route 3A is one of the most dangerous roads in the region. There are severe sections that see a higher-than-average number of crashes. There are several high-risk sections of Route 3A in the north part of town. The stretch between Southern Artery and South Street sees a large number of wrecks, as does the area south of Faxon Field.

Route 53 is also a collision hot spot, including where it intersects with Southern Artery. Finally, Interstate 93, which is west of Quincy, also sees a lot of crashes. There are many surface streets through the downtown area which are also prone to crashes despite lower traffic speeds than the average speed on highways.

Obviously, drivers cannot simply avoid Route 3A and other major thoroughfares through Quincy to minimize their crash risk. Still, being aware of where risk is higher may help people choose better routes when possible and make safety a priority when changing routes isn’t an option.

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