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Plans for South Quincy condo building causing neighborhood uproar

Neighbors in one South Quincy neighborhood are none too pleased with a new proposed residential real estate development and say they won’t go down without a fight. They intend to make calls, send letters, and voice their disdain at every scheduled city council meeting.

The development, a six story, 48-unit condominium building, is being proposed for construction at 73 Liberty Street. This location is also where the Southside Bar and Tavern is located.

According to neighborhood residents, the noise from the bar is already an issue, along with traffic. The proposal for the new condominium building also includes a parking garage on the first two levels with a total of 71 parking spaces. Residents argue that this will make traffic in the area even worse, as new residents with cars will be moving in. One resident argued that, currently, nightly traffic sometimes backs up as far as all the way over the Water Street Bridge. That same resident also argued that the building is too tall for the area and does not fit.

Residents also rejected a suggestion by the Quincy traffic director to help alleviate traffic woes by making certain streets one-way. Since Quincy has parking rules of one and a half spaces per unit, the project developers will need to seek a variance from those in order to gain approval for the number of parking spaces proposed. They believe that the proximity of the development to an MBTA station should make it okay to have a few less available spaces.

Concerns such as these are not uncommon when a large new development is proposed in a residential area. Especially in a well-established neighborhood with many lifelong residents. A residential real estate attorney can help navigate the waters of zoning laws, parking rules, resident concerns, tax issues and any other concerns that may arise.

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