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5 warning signs of a divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Divorce

People usually only marry when they earnestly aspire to spend the rest of their lives with another person. The average spouse takes that commitment seriously and might even fight to save their marriage during times of hardship. However, many people end up feeling blindsided when their spouses file for divorce. They then have to take immediate action to respond for their own protection.

Those responding to an unexpected divorce filing may feel like they are at a marked disadvantage. Therefore, it is beneficial for people to know the warning signs of a potential upcoming divorce filing. The following are some of the red flags that people might overlook that indicate a spouse might soon file for divorce.

A cessation of intimacy

Couples often go through dry spells in which they do not engage in physical intimacy the way that they once did. Those temporary changes in the relationship do not always mean that divorce is on the horizon. Spouses may eventually reconnect and rekindle their romance. Other times, the end of intimacy can be an indicator of one spouse withdrawing from the relationship or fostering an intimate relationship with someone else.

An end to frequent marital fights

Spouses often find themselves disagreeing. Even healthy marriages see a degree of conflict. If one spouse suddenly stops fighting, that can be a sign that they have withdrawn from the relationship and intend to leave.

Disappearing property

If a spouse’s most prized resources or family heirlooms have recently disappeared from the marital home, that can be a warning sign of impending divorce. People often make small moves to protect resources that have emotional or financial value before they file for divorce. They want to avoid scenarios where a spouse destroys, sells or hides their property off in retaliation for a divorce filing. Discovering that a spouse has removed much of their personal property from the marital home is a sign that a big change could be on the way.

Requests for financial records

Technically, both spouses should have access to household financial information including income statements, bank account records and income tax returns. However, someone requesting copies of those financial records when they are usually hands-off about marital resources could be an indicator that they are in the preparation stages of divorce.

Proposals to alter the marriage

Some people engage in frantic attempts to correct marital challenges before they file for divorce. Suggestions to attend marital counseling, sleep in separate rooms or open up the relationship could all be indicators that a spouse is on the path toward filing for divorce.

People who believe that divorce is imminent can potentially take steps to work on their marital relationships. They can also consult with a lawyer to text themselves and respond effectively if/when a spouse files. Recognizing the warning signs of a pending divorce can make a major difference for the spouse who doesn’t file accordingly.

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